Big Tommy Burns LUN#8- The 5 Questions That Makes Life Purposeful and Simple

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These are the five question that has helped me for years get on track and stay on track when it comes to being who I really am and manifesting my true leadership gift and potential.

1) Who am I? Question of Identity/Discovery
2) Why am I? Question of Design/Build
3) What can I do? Question of Assignment/Task
4) How to do it? Question of Mastery/Strategy
5) Who to do it with? Question of Associations/Relationships

At every phase of life it’s of great importance to revisit these five things to ensure they are still congruent with who are and desire to become. If they aren’t it’s ok, just means you’ve grown and it’s time to revise the answers to the five questions.

Get CLARITY of your vision.
Have COURAGE to take risk to pursue it.
Gain the CONFIDENCE to know that you are enough to get it done,
so you can make the decision to LIVE UNSTOPPABLE TODAY!

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